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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Capable and Admirable

I neglected to mention the remarkable partners my kids have chosen when I talked about influential relationships yesterday. Both women are incredible and have been in my family for a few years with status of the significant other in my son and step-sons lives.

Vashti is a powerhouse who has studied archaeology and works in extreme environments. She operates from horseback, underwater, off of ATV's and does surveys in the Far North. She is soft spoken, democratic and intelligent. She can bake bread, fell trees, garden and makes Chris happy with an active and exciting life.

Brendan's partner Megan is a student at three different schools at the same time and studies design and art. She does very well! She is a kick ass bartender who can run in high heels. Meghan is also a boxer. She is a cultural duplicate of Brendan. Her father comes from Irish Montreal and her mom hails from the same town as Tim's family in England. They make the same noises when expressing pleasure and displeasure. Very unnerving. We call them the "twins".

Think I might offer to teach them how to make gooseberry pies.

Felted and felted and felted last night. The yellow mushrooms are coming home on the plane in two days with my Tim! Card in at London Drugs for rescue. Pictures when accomplished.

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