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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh No!

It looks like my camera card might be permanently screwed up. All the hours of research.! All the pictures of the caribou and Fort Nelson! Trauma.

Have finished laminating the little forms and will show you when the light table and camera are fixed.

Such a beautiful day in Vancouver. It looks like Tim has finally got an apartment in Fort Nelson so I should be able to come back and forth. In the meantime I am unpacking the house and trying to put things back in place. Then I work flat out for the East Side Culture Crawl.

Tim should be able to fly with the mushrooms and I found about forty similar ones at the post office around the corner in Vancouver. Will try to dye with them and see what happens. They don't have the rich yellow which appears to be the result of the muskeg swamp the Fort Nelson mushrooms grow on.

Will use the Muskox batt to do some felting and picture making tonight. Off to buy some forms for the larger globes I am making for Celine and Numen Gallery. Will also start working on some new panels for the Crawl and for Numen.

Still regenerating after my travels. Find that coffee with Bailey's works just fine for that. And am eating all vegetarian all the time. So very easy to do in Vancouver. Laughed at my son Bren, this morning. He came flying in to borrow the van because he is touring the Head of City Planning from some city in Australia around Vancouver. I made a breakfast smoothie with wild blueberries, carrot, parsley, flax oil and ginger. He gulped it down wide eyed and said, "Comfort food Mom!" Must have done something right.

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