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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The housing situation in Fort Nelson is really a nightmare. We thought we had been accepted for an apartment but found out we weren't a day after we arrived. It probably won't be until November or later before one is made available. If we cross all of the hurdles.

We are currently staying at the Super 8 Motel and were upgraded to a nice family unit with a kitchen, fireplace etc. all because I let a very upset, tired and pushy man go before me in-line at registration time. I talked him down a little from his rage and it was clear to me he wasn't used to getting or giving kindness. He didn't thank me at all and this meant a two hour wait in the long run. The staff doing registration didn't forget my act and rewarded me with an upgraded room with all the lux! All this because I thought the guy was going to hit someone and I am an old street social worker with three honkin' big brothers and four sons.

Tim and I have now seen the beautiful Old ALaska Highway part of Fort Nelson and were blown away. It overlooks a beautiful valley that stretches through foothills, other valleys and mountains. Spectacular. We were invited to a steak dinner at the Golf Club. Piles of meat, potatoes with sour cream and bacon and cabbage salads containing cream. Mountains of food on a plate. We are used to stuffing ourselves with fish, grain and vegetables as a habit. Meat is more of a condiment so we were shocked. All was really well prepared and the deserts were decadent and super sweet. Vegetables are harder to get up here. There are little farms and a farmer's market that will close soon. I noticed that the local grocery store is pretty well stocked this time of year. The prices aren't terribly high yet and basic food is available.

Tim saw a huge beaver crossing the road yesterday. He also saw a moose on the way to work and the school was visited by a bear. The wolves surround the town. You know they are around when the coyotes disappear. Enormous mushrooms are popping up everywhere I walk.

Spent the afternoon in the local laundromat and met some Old Order Mennonite women and kids. I had a blast with them as they had teenagers and toddlers in the group. We talked kids and cloth and they showed me the free clothing exchange when I told them my coat had been "disappeared". The aboriginal women up here are gorgeous and tall. I am going to see if I can approach them to model some of my garments.

It doesn't look like I can stay for long this time. I am going to have to go back home because I am not covered on Tim's expenses. Most people fly in and out where he works.

No access yet to a scanner and haven't been able to download any photographs. But am going out today to buy some paint and play with my embroidery floss. I have been crocheting little forms when inspired. Will have to show you later.

I thought I was going to be able to get home soon to pack up. Can't get out of here yet. Talked to my chamber maid this morning and she told me that she came five years ago and has never been able to leave. The buses leave at 3 am. The planes are a little scary. I think I might get Tim to drive me to Fort St. John tomorrow so I can get back to Vancouver. Otherwise I will have to wait for another two weeks when he is driving home.


Ken said...

Stay for the two weeks! Enjoy the so much more you haven't experienced yet. Stay! enjoy...

Jacky Riggs said...

One day you might be driving north to Fort Nelson, and you might get excited when you reach Prophet River and realize that "home" is only an hour away...I wish that for you!

material witness said...

What a lovely thing to wish!
I look forward to seeing it. I am looking forward to exploring as much of the area as I can.