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Friday, June 10, 2011

Britannia Beach

The museum board has scheduled my show at the B.C. Mining Museum for August 7th or so. Opening soon after. Excited to show in the old building. The mining equipment will be in the same place as the work. Very rusted and marred by the elements.

They have planned to do a documentary of my process and inspiration and that will be shown at the same time. Shooting will start soon.

I have been doing research on mineral, mines and reaction of minerals for awhile now. Have had the opportunity to crawl around the mine which was a thrill. I was inspired by so much. Including the sound of the constant water and the echoes.

The mine is now a huge museum.

Members of my family mined. My brother, father and uncle. I have had an obsession with the process of digging, minerals and fossils all my life. I love using mineral process in my work. Rusting, mineral dyes, patination. I love to play with soils for dye and stain.

I have started some sampling and a work or three.

After that will be preparing for the East Side Culture Crawl again. And a potential collaboration with an important friend. Back up to Quesnel for the artist talk and workshop and to do the Evolution take down.

Such a busy, busy time for me. Turning down opportunities to play and party. I just want to make right now. Very determined to take advantage of these opportunities. Need balance to stay healthy so eating well and getting lots of sleep.

Moved stuff around in the studio and have found homes for both large looms. Will create so much more space to do larger work.

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