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Monday, June 13, 2011

On The Deck

Spent half the day in bed today completely annoyed. Kept telling myself to relax into the nausea. Didn't work. Meditated, breathed, moved mindfully. Still didn't work. Had to cancel with Hilary today and missed seeing baby.

Got up and spilled soy sauce all over the lower shelf of the fridge and didn't have the stomach to clean it out until later. Had a blueberry smoothie accident with my blender and splashed it over everything. Dropped towels on it and crawled back to bed. Sometimes you just have to submit! Even with blueberry dyed feet.

Claire Kujundzic phoned and we managed the best conversation. She has just returned from Spain. I expected to see her in Wells but her work was stuck in customs and the container was thrashed. She encouraged me to come back to Wells. Her Amazing Space Gallery opening coincided with Laurie's Cartier and Bailey Gallery.

She talked about her amazing trip to Spain and the joy of listening to the scientists who are trying to save forests all over the world. We are both drawn to botany and biology. She said she wished I had been with her. Her show, which was held in an ancient monastary, was very well recieved. Gigantic trees. I got to help her a little with them and lived with some of them two summers ago.

We talked about our constant shared need to question the purpose of doing our work. Both spent a good portion of our lives as activists in the same community. We will do something together again.

Claire and her partner Bill Horne documented the trip to Spain, the conference and her show.

Am up again and going out to the deck to unroll the rusted samples. More steps involved of course. Chased little racoons out of the flower boxes. So very adorable for such destructive little beasts.

Time to take my medication which will make it all happen again.

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