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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Woke up in the clean country air on the top floor of Tim's brother's house in Millbrook, Ontario. Sat and had morning coffee and watched the Red Cardinal dance with his spouse. Frogs were still chirping in the big pond that is home to the big snapping turtle. Two of my children are here.

Grampa will be honored today as a high level Mason. A serious and lifelong involvement. We will come back to this farm and bury his ashes under a Norway maple tree. Three generations of family will be here including the tiny girls.

There are pictures of George all through the house that show his dedication to Roly's family
and to Tim's.

There will be discussions about possessions which will be generous because Roly and Tim are both like that. They have become the Elders this week. They will careful with feelings and with facts. They now have each other.

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