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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sampling and Choices

Inspirational object for "Underneath" -lovely chunk of copper

Inspirational object for "Underneath" - little piece of Malachite

Patination and structuring sample for "Underneath" Six Processes

Patination and structing sample for "Underneath" Seven processes

Sample with melting, webbing, mineral powder and metallic spray. For "Underneath"

I'd be perfectly happy to spend my whole life experimenting. My recent explorations are starting to pile up. It is like I need to make a pile of colours and textures before any decision to actually do some design work.

Collage artists do this. Piles of different surface designs, divided by colour, scale and weight.

Panic always sets in at a certain point before a show. Piles of components accumulate with nothing assembled. And then one bumps into the other and connects. A direct and satisfying approach. Sometimes one form just seems to call out and wants to be reproduced almost forever. Accumulation, collection and series.

The miniature is calling out lately. Environments tucked into match boxes, globes containing whole worlds that can only be viewed by a small opening or crack. Narratives waiting to tell some delicious secret or other.

Ying-Ying is my friend and an archaeologist from China. She talked to me about tiny carvings and paintings on rice grains done with magnifying equipment. Naughty Peter continually gifts me with imagery of microscopic delight. For years now. He has just found the new label of "microscopic voyeurism". Me, a "micro voyeur'! Corey Hardeman, a biologist and a painter lets me into her scientific view. Her children give me hugs and little dead bugs and feathers and bones.

Today a commission needs to get finished Celine picks it up and brings it to the photographer for documentation. Then maybe I can spend an hour and just play with tiny things to tuck in my locket.

Leave again for Quesnel to meet Tim in a few days to unpack Hive, Rust and Bone. There has been a few sales I think. Have had great comments about it and a few amazing contacts. The Wellsians came for the opening and lovely Elizabeth said it was fun. Throw two people from Wells into a room and it is an instant party!

Now I decide whether or not I buy the little house in Wells or the land. Got contacted about the lovely house in France again. It didn't sell after all. Everything stops!!! ... but Tim wants to stay "closer to the family" now that his grandchild is coming. Not that he is coming home to live yet...but he wants me here for sure. How does that come again? Right!

I am a bit anxious and still struggling with the medication. Am back in the Cancer Clinic on Monday. More scared than usual and am going alone this time. By choice. So far life is working. I need to stop talking about it so much because I may be jaded with this information but I was reminded this week that it upsets people and makes them feel helpless and sad. And moves them away from me just a little.

Have to go save my little baby mesclun sprouts and basil because the rain is now pounding down. So much for gardening today. But germination and life force is such an amazing thing!

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