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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh Oh

I appear to be going through a major transition. Things are being altered all around me. I want to reclaim everything to reflect what is inside. I need a simpler life and an emptier and lighter physical environment. This might just mean there is need to make space for a bigger art mess!

This morning I was up rocking by 6am. Was starving and not feeling any nausea. I have cooked three days of food including French pea and carrot soup, jerk chicken and a lovely coconut curried fish stew. Made some yummy spelt englishy muffins and home-made almond butter. Ate them with a salmon green onion asparagus omelette and honey tea for brek. Need to be careful because I'm now living mostly alone and either I or the freezer will fill up quickly. Indulged in watching "World's Greenest Homes" on t.v. before 9am.

I think it might be like when pregnant. Once the blood sugar was figured out things worked much better.

Speaking of which...
my step son Steph has just announced that his sweety is experiencing morning sickness. Which means that declarations my kids are not breeders is no longer true.

His mother Susan sadly passed away two years ago. Which means... I am not sure what it means yet.But if I am very lucky the Granny role might just have an opening which I would very gladly fill.

Tim is over the moon! He had his birthday at Dan's Pub in Fort Nelson and indulged in his choice of libation, good company and dripping red meat. I'll bet there were potatoes in the mix somewhere! Such a contradiction. Such a Gramps!

The dye pots are bubbling with privet and rhubarb leaves this morning. Doing drawing for the new silk screens. Will call Gayla and get a ride down to Opus to pick up some new screens and fluid.

My large globe lanterns have been requested for the "Into The Woods" show with the Squamish Arts Council and some globes and bowls are being finished for the Arts Umbrella Auction at Splash.

My wonderful friend Barry has now committed to do a collaboration in the future. Have no idea what that will look like yet but couldn't be happier to work with anyone. I found him again right after the Tsunami. He is a committed world traveller and is leaving again soon for somewhere exotic like Turkey or an equatorial location. He fires up my synapses and has always made me laugh. He is just setting up his new studio on the Island.

Much more later...

Later: Learned the same lesson today I have learned over and over. Go to bed for a few days, get up feeling incredible energy, do too much, go out with a friend, go to the garden store. Fall flat on your face in public! Move right along... nothing to look at here except ...

Note to self: Moderation in all things! Call the Doctor and find out if this drug reaction is normal at all. Otherwise you will make everyone else sick with your whining!

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