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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Engines Down

I am experiencing delayed travel lag from last week Slept in shifts for hours. Woke to the beautiful sound of Quebecois singing. Green onion cake and duck lettuce wrap for breakfast. Will go out and buy some veggies, strawberries and supplies for the week.

This week is a filled with work and medical appointments. Am now back to working full blast on the Britannia Beach show. No looking sideways.

But how much fun are biopsies and ultra sounds where you have to drink two gallons of water, don't get to pee and have prods placed in unlikely places. Distracting to be sure. But will get to see if the medication has had effect on the problem. Better have. It is miserable. Similar to chemo without the hair loss and swelling. The nausea is much better today. Trying not to winge but completely unsuccessful.

I hope they at least let me look at the screen. It looks like my oncologist will be with me. She is pretty good at explaining the details. I am rather detached from all of this and am more annoyed than frightened.

I had no idea that I was going to spend years at this survival thing. I mostly feel well, creative and happy. Very glad I have survived and clearly have years to go.

Hilary and baby Emily will join me for morning tea tomorrow. Better be careful because might actually glue the little beauty to a canvas and talk Hils out of some of her gorgeous red locks for stitching.

Can't find my camera. Bren or Tim might have it or I left it in Ontario.

Rusting and copper patinating on the deck. Twisting flag fronds into rope. Will do a little burn this afternoon.

Packed up my winter clothes today. My spring summer ones all fit or are too big. Giving all the ones I don't want to the women's shelter. Maybe I will turn the rest into a canopy and cushions for my garden. I want to pare down to the absolute essential. In all corners of my life. Need some order right now. And sense of control.

Don't know about my tiny house yet.

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