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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life and Death Happens

Priorities can change so quickly. This morning everyone is frantic and loading the show. Were planning on leaving soon for Quesnel. But things happen.

Late this afternoon Tim's father died. He was 97 years old and went down for his nap and didn't wake up. So strange to think someone so very vital and exciting in life would just quietly slip away.

He did all those things that good fathers do and good grandfathers. He loved his offspring fiercely and raised them to be good men. He taught them what he knew about so many things. He taught them vitality and survival. And to be loving. He set up a life to let them thrive and succeed.

Tim and the kids want me to set up the show and go to Quesnel. I feel very ambivalent. Brendan will drive me. We will leave the car and the art and then fly to Toronto and meet everyone there. This will kill me. So much to do but I need to take time to breath out and just get on with it.

And toast the amazing man with a cap full of Bell's whiskey. The only stuff he would ever drink.

George's secret to vitality into your 90's. Porridge in the mornin' and whiskey and good love at night!
Whistle like a bird every day and never forget who you are and where you are from!

Now on your way then! "Bye for now".


arlee said...

Sorry to hear this, P. Go safely.

material witness said...

Thanks Arlee. Will do.