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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Get to celebrate with the Northern Adventurer!

Rules established in the house regarding moving one single thing or giving me instructions. Poor Tim has no idea how creativity has manifested this time around. He is such a brave soul and really is capable of fitting in anywhere I am working. Kudos to the rare man or woman who can live with an artist. Even part time like we do.

Now need to go stir my concoctions and try to make a place at the table so he can sit down and eat and make phone calls. Maybe...he just might go into the office. They will be really nice to him there. He really needs to consider what might happen when he books home a week earlier than expected. I honestly can't make this go any faster.

Time to move back into the studio!!!!! I now have help and a home for 1 loom and 1 drafting table.

Listening to the Ducks and eating gomae.

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