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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Photographs of Patricia Chauncey taken May 17, 2011 Saint Tim Hurley

So this is me. 58 years old. Taken this afternoon. A little weary from wear. Have most of my teeth, a little grey hair and am amazingly still standing up-right!

I hate getting my picture taken. Have always felt like it was a complete soul sucking experience. Fight and flight response develops every single time.

Tim dragged me into the yard kicking and biting and made me do it today. I am still sick from the medication and have also got the flu. All deadlines are looming and I don't have a minute to breath. I am not a nice woman. But I needed some photos. He bet me an expensive dinner I wouldn't stay put long enough to do it. He also bet I wouldn't post them.
I always hate my pictures. Vanity aside... Victory is mine! Fair warning... Never bet or dare me.

He took my pictures, made me eat a delicious Middle Eastern lunch, tidied up and made me tea. It is really nice to live with Saint Tim. Much better than when he is thousands of miles away.

Big hugs and hellos to the people who are checking in from the SWC High School Reunion.
I wish I was able to be there. Imagine. Hopefully have left a river of scandal behind me. Still a hippie chick at heart! Just don't smoke in the 3rd floor bathroom anymore.


arlee said...

your eyes say it all

material witness said...

Clearly the pursed lips aren't sayng a word!