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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Anyone who thinks being an artist means you don't work hard doesn't have a clue.

Today after working past midnight the previous evening, I was woken by a curator and we then designed a show for an hour. This will now include follow up materials, dimensions, samples, artist statements, CV's, etc.

Before coffee I had called another curator and sent off personal and work photographs, a show description and a listing of people I contacted to put up show posters. I reviewed a poster design and checked in with another arts organization in the area. Coffee, interruption by my partner and son, off to the post office to mail a sample package. Back home and jumped into a quick shower before looking at the procedure for an award I was nominated for. All of the above work required plus some to describe my work, self and process again. Different take for every grant and award. All of this also happens when people ask for donations.

Sat and designed the lighting and floor pattern for my shadow cabinets which need to be reworked in every gallery.

Quick lunch and down to art. Blanked until faced with my sketchbook. Scrapped and cleaned brushes, cut fabric, washed it, prepared surface for silk screening, silk screened, hung to dry. Ironed and frayed and started to burn after putting on safety gear.
Day half finished.

People drop by because they know I am home. I love them but I have to get them out the door so work can get done. I am really busy. Really busy. I miss playing with my friends like anyone working hard.

When I finish the next show there are two more in process. I just found out that there might be a film done of one of them. That will also take planning and meetings.

The work I do is physical and sometimes dangerous. I have to plan work spaces and be precise and clean up after myself. I use my imagination. I research every project sometimes to the extreme. A total information nerd.

I also have lots of fun.

This ain't work for the cowardly or lazy. It just won't go anywhere if you are. Lots of time it doesn't go anywhere if you aren't. The only reason to do this is because you love it and don't mind living with the lowest financial renumeration of any career. Keep going and that might change... But love it.

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