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Friday, May 27, 2011

Finishing and Packing Up

Completely sick and nasty all week. But very productive.

Tim arrived back home from Toronto last night and has checklists in hand. He is up with the birds as I stagger around looking for my fingers and feet.
The proverbial Lark and Night Owl thing going on here. He is so shockingly chipper. Think I'll put him in the yard to finish the last bit of framing.

Still have three and one half days until leaving for Quesnel. Will be finished and am pleased enough.
Only bringing a few things that have been shown before. Never seen up North.

Elizabeth Waldorf has asked for an installation wall. I love doing them with my shows. A combination of inspiring objects and samples I make. I like playing with shadows and light. I like pinning little things to display walls with tiny pearl pins. My studio is full of walls and little boxes and bowls of tiny things.

This show is made up of little collections in cabinets. All with a very soft palette. So quiet considering how it is all made.

The workshop has been changed to breakdown day at the end of the month.

Now all I have to do is wrap it up and get up North and enjoy. A number of Cariboo Wells Quesnel friends are also doing openings. Mine first. Paula Scott, Caroline Anders, the Island Mountain Arts Show and Laurie Landry is opening Cartier and Bailey at the Sunset Theatre.

Will also be looking at a farm near Quesnel and a tiny house in Wells to finally set up part of my roots.

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