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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hand coloured digital transfers now waiting for heat process, stitching and embellishment.

I crawled into the work room this morning after a long night of writing and found sticky tabs all over my binder. I use both the computer and hand written materials when producing a package. Caught in that place between old and new school. Too young to tuck the old hanky up my linty cardigan sleeve... too old to wear the flashing L.E.D. thong. Sometimes a confusing place.

The consequence is a bit of a snarl. I have been trying to break my dependency on Tim's technical abilities and push through on my own. Getting better at this a little at a time.
If I can run the heat press, Embellisher and a complex sewing machine there is hope ...

Managed to produce an statement or two, the course introduction, supply list, find some photo files and finish my c.v.

I am tired today and still need to get everything sent to the curator in Quesnel. Good thing she is patient and lovely.

Best part of last night was finding a series of silk digital transfers that are now ready to turn into creatures. Much more done than I thought.

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