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Friday, May 13, 2011


Baby bison teeth from family ranch
Altered velvet, printed devore, mineral and natural dye, scorchingHarvested wasp paper
Printed and scorched felt salmon bones

All work done or collected by me.

Not feeling well. My medication has been tripled in the last few days and not sure it will work. I spent the day fighting nausea and upset. A productive day despite this. Get really tired of obstacles.

Tonight should be better.

A huge gift yesterday.


She is a friend who I lost track of. She showed up yesterday at the art supply store. She has also been very sick with cancer. I just thought she was one of the people who disappeared when I was sick. No idea she was going through it too. We snuck off for coffee and stayed for a long time. She told me the story of Job. About transformation through trial. I am not Christian but the story was perfect. More perfect when told in her velvet Georgian accent.

It has been a time for reconnection with two favoured friends. Both have found more spiritual paths. I didn't know I missed them so much but I did.

I am a little unsettled but pleased. Don't know so many things. Need to listen so much more.
To me and to others.

Lessons this week.

1. Assumption is not the same as knowledge.
2. I still am afraid of asking the right questions.
3. When the dose of anything is increased the side effects are also increased.
4. Need to read Robert Buckman and Richard Dawkins again to remind me of the beauty of an accidental universe.


arlee said...

those salmon bones really grabbed me---such delicacy for such a graceful yet robust creature

material witness said...

My father and I were once watching the salmon run and there were these amazing and tattered fish in full spawn. I was shocked at the condition they were in. He looked up and said, "Now that's love!".