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Sunday, November 27, 2011

All My Children

Family Row 1 Breanne, Vashti, Tim (Papa!)
Row 2 Steph, Brendan, Dane, Megan, Chris
missing but behind the camera me.

Pensive Vashti Four months pregnant

Breanna- one week to term

All of my children and their spouses were with me this weekend! First time in 10 years everyone has been together. Right now there are 10 of us, including 3 spouses and 1 girlfriend. In two weeks there will be 11 of us with Stephen's new baby. Chris's baby will be here by May.

Once again life changes!

And one of my stepson's spouses has decided I will be named Granny and has already hit me up for a childcare stint while she goes on a dig. She is an archaeologist. I promised to teach her kid how to spit and swear! Lessons that come in handy in this family. That and wall crawling!

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