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Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Works

I am suffering from an anti-climax thing today. Months of expectation, effort and putting myself out there has now worn thin enough to require a break.

Fantasy is a good place to start. After I replenish for a week. Maybe two. So time to climb into this cosy bed and hide with a good book. Hot baths. Hot, homemade soup. Vitamins. Big, long walks. Singing a song or two. Avoiding most human contact.

Dane is home from Winnipeg for another day. His friend Divya had her opening at ArtSpeak last night and it was so strong. It included a sky banner pulled through the air by a real plane, a neon light sculpture of Gandhi, and an enormous birthday like cake with an iced inscription that simply said "Kashmir". It will be abandoned to rot over the next month. The opening was full to the rafters with hip-hop musicians, art critics and artists. Fun.

Tim wants me back up in the North starting Dec. 7. There are holiday parties to go to with Northern friends before we leave Fort Nelson with the moving truck. Then an eleven hour drive to Wells with the stuff. Then 10 hours back home to Vancouver to meet new baby Hurley.

Tomorrow my house will be full of beautiful, pregnant young women. Our young women. Maybe one will let me draw her after everyone gets fed. Breanne has less than two weeks to go before her baby's birth. Vashti is now half way.

I don't know when life started moving this fast again. I just know solace, inspiration and comfort are required right now. Sometime after lunch...

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