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Monday, November 7, 2011

Unearthed Unpacked.

S.A.C Show "Into The Woods" with the two missing globes and missing display dome.

Both the shows at the Britannia Beach Mining Museum and the Squamish Arts Council are now dismantled and unpacked. The efficient team had them down and packed into the truck by two o'clock. Wish set-up went that fast.

The mine became my second home this summer. The gallery space looked so empty when we were finished. It was a very worthwhile experience for me as an artist. Nothing was broken or stolen. Thousands of people visited and interacted with the show this summer. Children were very engage because I kept lots of the work at child eye level. there were tons of little hand prints on the cases. A little fact that thrilled me.

My experience at the SAC Building and Into the Woods was also mostly successful. I got to hang with some fabulous artists like Corrine Hunt and Martin Thorne. I loved visiting that tiny show packed with talent.

Unfortunately some of my work went missing in transition from one gallery to the next. Not sure if it was stolen or lost. I am upset about this but not naive. It happens now and then. One piece was not really for sale as it was an important personal piece regarding memories of my father.

I wish theft didn't happen but it does.

In full measure my experience with Squamish and Britannia Beach was well worth it. I'd encourage other artists to show there without hesitation. I will show in both places again.

Now time to seriously get ready for the CRAWL.

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