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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ownership Day 2

My little orange and blue gallery in the North iced with frost. The cairn is where Fred Wells is buried. He is supposed to be one of my relatives.

Tim has informed me he isn't coming home after all. Not sure when.
Something told me he wasn't. He has a tendency to make himself very valuable.

I just crawled back into bed and hid from the cold rain. Eventually I got up and decided to try to organize my Wells insurance again. It has become sticky because I am not in the Wells house until summer.

Typical of Wells...Dennis from Town Maintenance called me from his house at dinner. "Trish. There is frost everywhere and I can't turn off the water to your house. I can't really find it.".

I negotiated the best I could. I don't know where the town hides the water pipes. Dennis told me how to keep the water intake warm. I told him I could call Mike (my caretaker) and that he might be able to help. Dennis will try again tomorrow.

Bless thoughtful Dennis!

I have now owned the house for only one day.

Tim suggested I just go up there and live in it. He isn't coming home so that might not be a bad idea at all. After the CRAWL. The hardy ones are up there now. I am sure I could survive just fine. I could get lots of work done. But my plan was to be there in Summer.

I have more tests in the next few weeks. I will dust off my long johns and go up if the results are okay.

Something will figure itself out. Even disappointment.

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Phillipa said...

Sure looks like a luverley place :)