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Thursday, May 15, 2008


I can't tell you how crabby I am today...I think that I have taken everyone on I could and I still have nasty energy. How come my energy isn't ever this high for my creative projects?

Tim has just returned from weeks away and I am horrible. My kid ducked out, his girlfriend fled, the neighbours shut the window and Hilary nearly tripped on the stairs trying to get away.
I can't muster a smile that looks anything less than a grimace. My normal face looks like a growly bear and that Alpha female part of me is on high speed.

I am having a great deal of trouble today with men who think they can over power me. There isn't really a submissive bone in this body unless I absolutely have to be. I am the oldest child in a family of all brothers, the eldest cousin on two sides, the mother of four sons, the daughter of an super Alpha male, and a former street social worker. It is way too hard to be benign.

My confession is that I feel like I am trapped in tar with this body. My eyes are really going as the result of some nasty medication I had to take. Going so fast that they have fast tracked me into the ocular oncologist for next week! Normally one would wait for nearly a year for an appointment. Sometimes fast is scary.

Tim leaves again tomorrow without telling me what is up. My closest friend is sicker than I am.

I hate tar!

Breath in...breath out...and keep on sewing these white things!

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