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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vesna Yankovich

One of Vesna's beautiful baskets.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman named Vesna at my friend's house. She turned out to be the most amazing multi dimensional artist and inspiring person.
Vesna weaves with non traditional materials and does a thousand other creative projects. Her work is lovely.

Vesna came out of the war in Bosnia and managed to escape with her husband, mother and teenage child. She came to Canada with almost nothing and was able to create beauty and a new life when she was in her middle age. She had been an art instructor in a University in Bosnia. She loved her life and her neighbours. All her neighbours. She left to save her son.

She works harder than any artist I know and creates beauty in tiny spaces surrounded by her family. She doesn't fuss and complain like I do. She just does it. Vesna lays low at times and describes this need for herself to climb into caves and listen to the quiet. She says that there are productive times and cave times.

Vesna now has the Boardwalk Gallery on Granville Island and is experimenting with jewelry, metal weavings and paintings.

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