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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wee Towers

Tim and I haunted the Home Depot yesterday. We are trying to figure out a new garden design for the front retaining wall and have decided to put in a retaining wall, new front stairs, a low fence and a public seat facing the sidewalk.

Brendan got into the fray by coming up with a perfect design and Tim figured out how to attach planters to the bench. They went on to do some plans for cast concrete with big rhubarb leaves in it and a birdy bath. An arbour grew into the plans and so did an elevated garden in the back.

I think we have decided to try to stay in our tiny garden cottage for as long as we can. I just want it to change enough that I feel like I have moved. Extreme makeover time.
The house really needed to be serene while I was recovering from cancer. The walls and furniture are completely unchallenging visually. Completely not me! It has started to make me feel sick!

So back to a more challenging palette and reconfiguration of the rooms and things. Less morgue like surroundings are in the plan. Tim figures I have now lined him up enough work for 6 months if he starts at 4 in the morning and stops by 10 p.m.

Did I tell you about my dream of little tower houses in the yard as garden sheds? What about casting creepy little body parts for the yard? Hundreds of tiny heads as pebbles? Maybe even a stock for naughty comapny!

Today we experiment with fiberglass. Tomorrow concrete. New construction made from old sails collected through time. I am so glad my handyman is home for awhile. As long as it isn't unemployment!


arlee said...

Gardens have SO many possibilities for change and personal touches! Just give 'er! I had a Cabbage Patch full of disembodied cabbage patch dolls, a flower "bed" (old bed frame), a "pot plant": dead tree with pots hung on it, pink flamingoes, you name it...was quite uplifting to see :}

material witness said...

Oh Lordy!
I think I will also think about making one of the towers a more zen place.
I hope you took pictures of your garden!