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Monday, December 15, 2008

Fifty Below

I have crawled under the comfy and called it quits for today. I might stay here forever.

The worst week in a very long time.

My eye is infested. Or infected. My other eye isn't working. I know I don't seem to be dealing with stress very well and need to think about how to do it better or at least drink! I don't drink very often except for champagne if I get my hands on it.

Today was spent dealing with the furnace installation in Winnipeg. They came after three days of no heat. The pipes are now bursting. The weather is now below -fifty with the wind chill factor. The new furnace was installed by heroes today. They had to put in a new vent to the outside and ended up breaking drill bit after drill bit with the cold.

I am here in Vancouver and the weather here has dropped well below zero. We have snow and ice on the ground. New rodents decided to move into the roof with the cold temperature. They hold body heat and until it warms up they are welcome.

My insurance guy said Winnipeg isn't covered for this damage. Oh yeah!!! I just called an adjuster friend and she'll get this through.

The people in Winnipeg are amazing through this. They have showed hospitality to my tenants and my son. They are going to hold a "Social" which is a fundraiser to help people out. The musicians are getting together to help out. The whole wroks of them can take over my house for the next few days andhave the time of their life as far as I am concerned.

My step kids are now moving stuff out of their mom's home. Her cremation is on Wednesday.
They are amazing and doing so well. They are like my husband. Matter of fact and logical.

The Irish Newfoundlander part of me is shocked at the way English people do death. We always carry on, have a big party, fight, drink and do something outrageous. My Uncle was arrested at my Gran's funeral riding a horse backwards completely naked down the main street of her town. When Grampa died his mistress showed up and confessed to the shocked audience and Grandma had her thrown to the street. These people are far more Methodist than we are.

Wakes are the best parties we ever have!

Tomorrow is a new day nd I am going o the studio to meet Brie. She is one of my lovely neices. I will feed her and fuss over her and she will hopefully haul of some of my stuff. We will get to share techniques and play with new stuff. She is painter with textile sensibilities. She is just enterng her Master's program and is living in a brand new loft in Chinatown.

Sometimes tomorrows are better than todays!


arlee said...

P, can you bathe your eyes with chamomile? I hate hearing how you are, but hope it's temporary.
Calgary is *only* -28 to -38 this week--guess we should be thankful here!

material witness said...

Thanks Arlee! I hae an artificial lens so I have to use artificial tears now.
We realy are doing okay despite everything.
Trouble always passes!