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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sleepless in East Vancouver

Prairie Lichen Photo Stephen Langton Goulet (my ex-husband and father of my son Dane)

Late at night is a favourite time to do visual research. No one ends up interupting. No phone calls, no drop-ins, no meals to prepare. I have to be quiet so reading, looking and a little hand stitching are about all that can be done.

I am alone now more than ever. No full time job after years of working but not retired for a few years yet. No children at home for the next while and a very independent partner. I work from home, my studio and also the van. Loneliness isn't an option.

The street here is lively but there is a time between 3:00 and 5:00 am when almost no one is around except a few more interesting and larcenous creatures. I end up being the one on the street that catches them in the act of walking off with bikes, cars and plant pots. Never understood the plant pot thing but everyone loves a garden.

Tonight no one is around except a black and white alley cat. Tim is snoring away in the background. I am up looking at photos of lichen on bark and pulling together a sample book for a meeting with a new curator.

Tomorrow night I reveal my large resin globes to Celine from Numen Gallery. They are dry now and are ready for the next application when inspiration strikes. Some are also being weather tested. We will make more of them in different sizes.

The photos of my pupae nest didn't turn out and I can't find the number for the man who bought them. He wanted to contact me about buying another work so maybe a photo can happen then.

Observation. People who buy the globes , pupae and nests cradle them as they carry them away. Like pets or babies only kinda funny lookin'...

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