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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wasps Nests

Brie and I finally connected in the studio yesterday. She is one of my beautiful neices. She is also an artist.

We had the best afternoon digging through old boxes and storage tins. She found my more precious possesions and clearly shares some of my visual passions. We are both texture fiends and are attracted to the darker side of beauty.

How wonderful to share an appreciation for lichen on sidewalks , botanical fossils, gorry bits, old lizard skins, wasps nests and worm eaten wood. We both love bugs and bones. We both get visually lost in texture and surface possibilities.

She said something that chilled my blood. "I need people to touch my work so they will understand it." This must be a genetic thing. All this touching. I always invite people to touch my work and explain that they won't understand it unless they touch it!

I asked her where she would most like to live in the world. She wants to live in an old stone cottage in France where she lived a few years ago. I, on the other hand, want to live in an old stone cottage I found an hour from Paris. Looks like we wll need to explore this further.

I have always understood that we share an esthetic sense. I now understand how much we share in terms of processing and understanding of the world. I also shared much of that understanding with my Great Grandmother.

Brie is a wonderful painter. She is also a wonderful neice.

We walked up to Sweet Cheribum and had a late lunch. We chose the same thing to eat. Later we walked by a shoe store and lusted after the same pair of boots.

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