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Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting It Done

I seem to spend so much time imagining what I could make rather than making it.
Sketches aren't making something and neither is talking about it.

Celine and I had tea last night and we talked about motivation and imagination. We also talked about future projects and possibilities. This went well with ginger cookies and shortbread.

It has been more than a year since we met. She came to me just before the last Culture Crawl and asked me to be the first show in her new gallery. Numen Gallery. It was the best experience I have had with a gallery.

The process of imagining and setting up the "Wonderland " show was so much fun. We worked until very late at night for a couple of days and spent time imagining other work. Scott, Tim Celine and I worked like a smooth machine. We were all very compatible while getting the set-up done. Almost like old friends but immediate.

Celine and I just can't seem to talk for a few minutes. A fifteen minute planned meeting will go on for hours. Hours never seem like enough time. Every discussion is productive and something new gets tried or explored.

I revealed my experiments with the large fibreglass balls. They sat on the floor like mushrooms or back lit beings and she saw them immediately. Her response to them was perfect. I was so afraid to show them but they are nearly finished now and the small sized samples just doesn't show the quality of them.

Sometimes showing new stuff that is important to me at a "dog and pony" show doesn't give me what I want. Hearing about how amazing my work is is great. Hearing that it is awful is also just great but I want trained evaluation and criticism every once in awhile. Celine has the curatorial skills to do that. She can dig into my work and show me what I can't see. Her suggestions for improvement are almost always helpful to my practise.

Encouragement from Celine helps get the work done.


arlee said...

P, though you are SUCH a miser with photos, i keep coming back because i can "see" what you're doing---and it keeps me rolling in my fashion as well.

material witness said...

Not a miser just a techno peasant!