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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Breath

Rain Forest Path Shannon Falls 2008 Tim Hurley
tree lichen Porteau Cove 2008 Tim Hurley

Lichen Britannia Beach 2008 Tim Hurley

The physical realities of the landscape nearby is astounding. My lungs are still full from the balsalm air taken in this weekend.

I spend so much time in this city but it is so beautiful 1/2 an hour out of town. The landscape is so extreme that it almost doesn't seem real. I am still astonished everytime I go and spend time in this amazing forest.

My dreams are filled with lichen, mushrooms and mist. The rain on my roof last night was life affirming. Images of frailty and intricacy are everywhere in my thoughts. My direction is clear.

There are still balance problems to deal with because these eyes aren't fully aligned yet. It is a bit like operating with the mirrors of a car not quite in the right position. Double vision hits about 10-15 feet away and makes navigating in forest paths a little challenging. My hunter gatherer abilities have been impacted. I need companions to help me with the scouting. But there are willing people who really like getting to play my eyes. It is fun to teach other people to look with my way of seeing. They do pretty well if I show them how. It is interesting to negotiate this challenge.

I don't have any problem seeing close up. The microscopic and teeny weeny are draws. Stages of life and decomposition still fascinate. The small is so important because it was nearly lost.

Today I am doing practicals like banking, bill paying and groceries. Later I hope to finish drawing out the lichen forms. The construction of them seems so simple. The palette has been decided. I like the one that exist in it's smoky grey greens and contrasts. Obsessing about the layers!

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