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Friday, December 12, 2008

Wet Bottoms

Sock Monkey from lennytaylor.freeyellow.com
Yesterday was one of those days that was eventful from morning to bed.

My son called and had a pipe burst in the house in Winnipeg. My furnace also shut off. It is a lovely big old Arts and Crafts house in an old neighbourhood in one of the coldest cities in Canada. It was really cold yesterday and pipes burst and furnaces blew out all over Winnipeg.

I have three students for tenants including my son. The house was in danger and we had to wait hours for a furnace guy. The tenants and Dane, all musicians, had to load up their musical gear and move it from room to room. Dane bundled up, tenants found others to stay with and the furnace guy showed to tell him that the water had completely damaged the mother board on the furnace. He charged $100 for the visit and left Dane numbers to call to check on the price of a new high efficiency furnace. The prices are a complete shock!

The van has to be removed from the road because it failed Air Care! My trusty old, haul all my art and let me sleep in it vehicle!

I spent last month purchasing new machines because I felt like I could squeak them by financially. Hah!
The converters look really extravagant now! So does the new camera!

So I know what I am getting for Christmas, New Years and the next few birthdays! A brand new efficient bouncing baby furnace!

Good news is that I found my favourite customer's phone number tucked in a pile of receipts from the CRAWL. He wanted to buy more of my art and has some microscopic pictures of cells to cheer me up. Maybe I can talk him out of his violet fedora.

The machines are all fired up now because everyone is getting something hand made or home cooked for gifts this year. The little girls all want sock monkeys and I have been resisting the pull to make sock monkeys with deformity, derangement and drool! Resistance is futile!

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