Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Extreme Process

The hooorooorr!

My house is an example of extreme textile process. There is debris and torn paper everywhere. The living room is the most organized and I can't find the floor yet.

I worked in both the house and the studio for the last two months almost without a break.
Tim and I tore paper, made emulsions and glues, did the paper mache and the burning here.

The house has actually got soot on the windows. There is glue on the living room floor where we watched t.v. and movies while doing the paper mache. The gut dried better in the house so it too is stuck to surfaces.

Ryan, my death metal relative, arrived for a visit in the middle of all the production and left taking all his stuff from the last visit. This means I can find storage for some of the remains of the shows and for supplies next time. I just have to play Rubik's Cube for awhile to figure it out.

I met with some Guild buddies yesterday to plan a new project and they commented on how organized the studio looked. They would have fled if I had invited them home.

How do you get glue off an old wooden floor anyways? Perhaps a blow torch will do!

As soon as I get my CSI stuff finished and mailed to Arlee!


arlee said...

SNARFF!!! Oh i love the sound of that chaos and mess--makes mine sound positively FreakClean by comparison. Thanks too for the nose coffee on the monitor...

material witness said...

Have you solved the glue in the eyebrows problem yet?
Perhaps if I keep digging I'll find the baby oil and try that.

I found the living room floor and the top of the coffee table!

Now to face the disgusting bathroom

arlee said...

shave them :} you can always redraw, changing the style to suit your mood