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Thursday, August 14, 2008


photographs of the Invertebrates in the Carribean Sea taken by Dr. Anthony Picciolo 1990
NOAN NODC From the NOAN Library
Images passed on by Naughty Peter.
Last night Tim interrupted a burglar in the act of stealing our bikes or worse.
I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke to a terrific bellar from my fellar.

Tim, stark naked, charged through the door and grabbed a substantial board and ran yelling down the street after the scoundrel. I, of course , ran after Tim. The burglar, started apologizing and laughing until he realized that Tim was a very crazy man with no clothing on and running after him down the street. Waving a big board over his head. The guy ran! Tim ran! I ran back into the house hoping that the police wouldn't show up and arrest Tim. Or worse ...like Taser him.

The sun had just come up. No neighbours showed their faces out of the window which was very concerning. Probably for the best.

It took a few hours for the adrenalin to dissipate.

It ended up being a very inspiring day. I made forms with paper and tin foil and plastic wrap.
They are various sizes of long anemone shapes which will serve as silicone and stitching molds.
The caulking gun got pulled out and despite great head vein popping effort, the silicone wouldn't flow. So I drew and drew and drew.

Gayla showed up last night and dropped off bags of acrylic yarns. some are beautiful coral colours. Most are white. They should work nicely under the coatings or gut.

I found a dream cottage in the middle of France and am waiting to hear what is up. It is all ancient stone and seventeenth century. It has been gutted and had new plumbing and electrics.
The roof is great. It has a little land and outbuildings and is in a lovely village within a couple of hours of Paris. I am going to send Leslie from Manchester to have a look or call Catherine, who is in Paris helping her papa, to have a look. they can use it if they help me. I might send cousin Maggie or Fiona or Janet. Anyhoo I am completely captured.

Tomorrow I can lock the house again and head off down to the studio. Joseph is supposed to show up soon and rumour has it that Charles is in town. I'll see if Mary Ellen still has the heat press knob and if I can get someone to carry it up the stairs and down the long, long hall.

Tim finished the front stairs and has nearly finished my stitching bench for the landing. This means I will have a comfy, shady place where I can look over the front garden to burn, paint smellies and stitch. Next project is a little burn shelter big enough for my chair and a little table that will work to keep out both rain and sun and still be outside.

I love my naked screaming handyman!


arlee said...

OMG! Scarey at the time, but hilarious now :}

I can't wait to see what you've been working on for the past couple of months. Am i hinting enough??????????

material witness said...

I am so hope less at downloading photos and Tim doesn't want to help me. There wasn't enough time for Christine to do it last time she was here. So I will have to feed Bren and Megan lunch and make them do it.
Sorry for the empty promises.