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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Flotsam in Process Art Farmer Abigial Doan 2008

How is it that fiber artists connect to the greater community and to a history of place?

It is insinuated at every turn because fibers are contained in almost every aspect of life. Look around. What isn't part of a fiber culture? Paper, plastics, clothing, building supplies ... everything. I remember studying the impacts of the "Silk Road" and the medieval textile trade and how they traced through and controlled every aspect of the economy. Ghandi and Indian textiles had a huge impact on the demise of the British Empire. Without textiles there would be no space exploration or many aspects of modern medicine.

Inspired art farmer and artist Abigail Doan has been mapping and pulling together an amazing project called "Fiber Flotsam" for Conflux 2008.She will create a vine-like piece a at Conflux 2008 as a means of illustrating the history of psycho geographic behaviour and vagrancy on the Bowery. She will map the detritus and flotsam as a narrative work.

My son Dane returned from a trip to the Bowery a few days ago. He floated through and no doubt left some flotsam behind. We sit on the edge of our seats , perched in excitement, while we watch how this work evolves.

Check out and stay tuned to http://urbanfiberflotsam.blogspot.com/

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