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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I actually went into the studio long enough to pick up some supplies. I have been sick again. This happens after travel because there is nothing happening right now that should encourage illness. Very little stress, healthy food, happy thoughts. But plunk and down for a week!

So tonight I picked up my paints and crayons and gesso to work on my inspiration pages from my sketches. The paper boards were made last week from old pages from the Georgia Strait.
They have been waiting for days for me to start pulling the book together.

My studio has massive windows and it was an absolute oven in there. The brick walls were hot to the touch this evening so I can't imagine how difficult it must have been in there today. The good thing about it is that things dry. Crispy dry which is challenging in this maritime environment. I'm not even going to attempt to go in there tomorrow.

I have enough to do with the rusty wire and tissue paper, paints and brushes for a few days. The rain is supposed to return on the weekend. I can probably climb back in there this weekend.

Good news is that every little construction I was working on two weeks ago made sense when viewed today. I have a week alone without Tim after next week and lots should get completed.

A bear attacked a woman in her own yard near here. It was hungry and wanted what she had. Right in the city! They shot it dead. The forest is so dry and the salmon have been really diminished with the commercial salmon farms creating disease and sea lice. The Stol'lo Chief said he was very afraid of fire with the insect devastation of the pine trees. The bears are moving into town because food is scarce. I am afraid of bears but I don't want them to go hungry or get killed trying to find food.

I have now changed all soaps to environmental products and have walked to pick up my bio toilet paper. I joined the Georgia Strait Alliance and sent out three petitions regarding containment of the salmon farms and changes to the PBE's. We have used the car only for our holiday and haven't been buying stuff with much packaging. We are still not shopping for any clothes or anything like that. All books and magazines. my total weakness, have come from the library. Tried a cold shower but nearly died so had a very short one.

I think I might be becoming a total pain in the butt to poor Tim.

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