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Friday, August 29, 2008


Slipped disk! Herniated disk! Yowl. Did it while rolling over in bed. Not even having fun.
Three days flat! Today walking a little. Even sat for a minute at the computer.

Good news is they upped my surgery days to the end of September again. Go sit (if I can?) and have blood tests and such on Wednesday.

Pain killers work for creative thoughts. Didn't I know something about this in the sixties and seventies?Have help and my sound man has arrived with an assistant! He will build my installation cages and string my lights and isn't freaked out at all by me laying there growling and firing instructions.

Determined to be up working again in days.

The house is bustin' at the seams. Not so much fun this time. Tryin my best not to get cranky but could be impossible.

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arlee said...

Back pain is the WORST--sending rubs. Growl away :}