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Monday, September 1, 2008

Up and At Em

Back on my feet again with the help of some new exercises, anti-inflammatory, yoga and Tim.
A bit shaky but getting in the car and going to pick up some photo's at Ms. Hatfull's.

Christine Basque was caught in the ZOOM mess and has missed her trip to Italy. I was expecting some great photos and cloth but not to happen. She ended up in an airport for hours and was told she could hit destination if she booked through /Sweden etc. totally a twenty eight hour trip or something God Awful. I am so glad I didn't go! The trip sounded too good to be true and ended up being a nightmare. Poor Christine!

Going into the studio for minutes and am setting up the structure for some silicone puppets and dolls.

Eye surgery will be on track and the pre-surgery appointment is tomorrow. The most amazing thing is that you can see fine veil cataracts when they shine the light in your eyes and it looks like a translucent lace viewed through river ice or crystalline wax... Kinda Titanic remnant or something.

The human body is so beautiful. The processes of the body are so extraordinary. In sickness or in health!!!

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