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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Turn A New Leaf

This is my front garden on East 5th Avenue in Vancouver, B.C.. It is 18 feet by 12 feet. I wasn't kidding when calling it a jungle! Vancouver is located in the West Coast Rain Forest.
Picture taken from my living room window. Japanese Maple, Rhododendron, Bamboo, Kinikanic, and Day Lily.

My garden is about to turn to it's fall foliage. The apples are so abundant this year that I am going to have a hard time finding enough jars to make chutney and sauce with. They are delicious!

Dr. Marilyn McDonald lived in this little cottage before me and planted the heritage apple trees and the prolific garden. I have let it grow into a jungle in the front and a food producing weedy mess in the back.

I couldn't keep up with the heritage strawberry rhubarb this year. I have dragged that plant around with me for four houses. It originally came from Camrose, Alberta and some was sent back to my Aunt's ranch in the Foothills of Alberta. It is an naturally sweet and strawberry flavoured rhubarb that was really popular with the early settlers there. The Saskatoon bush I have in the yard was a Mother's Day present when Bren was ten. I think because it is a high mountain or prairie plant it has grown to a bush about 10 feet tall. I have never seen a wild one this tall. The birds don't eat them because Marie's ancient cherry tree seems ripen at the same time and they gorge on that. My blackberries were left alone this year and they have produced tons of fruit for a little yard. Somethin' ate my garlic. It disappeared altogether. Three ratty tomatoes survived and I think I will give up on them next year. Tons of peas and beans. The mesclun fed us for months. I did a late plant on kale and winter veggies and I hope they make it. The fall is really hot here this year.

I love fall. It is my New Year! I just feel so excited about the future in the fall and full of plans and energy. I'm not a great summer person. Definitely more Nordic. I burn and hate being all sweaty. I can't see when in the sun. I'm allergic to mosquitoes and they were everywhere this year. I like brisk and cold. I like fog. I love falling leaves and all the smells of fall. I love all the squashes and fruit. The birds getting ready to leave makes me feel like following them. Nothing makes me happier than layers of colourful fall clothing.
Happy Fall!

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