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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Naughty Peter has kept me inspired with amazing imagery. He sent me two series of images in the last few days and links that are really worth sharing. He is so generous and a gorgeous muse through time. One never knows what he will find that sets off the creativity rockets but it never fails. How pleasing that he takes time from his writing to do this for me.

I am in the process of healing both eyes and back. I am also gearing up for a few changes with my work. An amazing friend named Marie has offered to assist me with pulling together my work. She is a serious detail person and always competent. One of my gallery owners, the remarkable Celine from Numen Gallery, had a seriously inspiring chat with me about direction and research. Her ideas, her grasp of my work, energy and her own creative spirit are really good to be around. I have had to think about how to take people up on offers to help. Also about clearing other responsibilities to recognize that I do have energy limitations but that doesn't mean shutting down when that happens. I used to understand the value of delegation and support when I was doing social and community work.

The whole idea of collaboration excites me. Hillary Young and I have collaborated in past in the studio and while teaching. We have great energy together in a gig. Happily she is getting more teaching gigs and is now teaching at Capilano College. She prepares so carefully that it is always worth taking one of her courses. We have decided to do a show together and collaborate with some workshops. We share many skills but do very different work. We share a studio and she is always supportive and helpful. Her work is very beautiful and kicks off that zing in me to do what it is I do. She is even picking up my application and entry forms today.

Watching Abigail Doan and her Flotsam project in the Bowery has resulted in a few inspired and sleepless nights. I can't wait to see what her new winter project in Tuscany will look like. Having her take time to send support during this has been very meaningful.

Same with Arlee Barr who has skyrocketed in new directions and has reminded me of the importance of experimentation, documentation and journaling.

Taking down time for healing, research and re energizing are always worth it.
My sketchbooks are throwing sparks! Interesting to scribble away with a patch on my eye.
The cancer experience was a very inspiring time for me. The last few months have been the same. I never expected anything would happen to my eyes but learned that you don't stop being an artist if you lose your eyes, ears, or whatever. It still keeps on chugging along.

My Ocular Oncologist, Dr. Katherine Paton, said that she enjoys having artists as patients. She says they describe things from a very visual perspective and the description helps her to figure out what happens with the operations. There is a difference when an artist describes what is happening with colour, line and form. There were three artists having surgery the day I had mine.

Now I have to go peer at little things and decide where they fit on my colour scale. How cool is that!

Check out http://www.sciencemag.org/vis2008/show/

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arlee said...

I am so glad that you can find the positive out of all this, and that your eyes are "seeing" new ways. You sound excited about possibilities and the help you are receiving, so get on with art my dear! Sending cyber hugs and thoughts of shade and colour :}