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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hugging Things

I went into the studio today for the first time in forever and just sat and gestated. Just the air and the mess made me happy and revived. I may be behind on some of my projects because of my health but I am happy with the direction and the work.

Tina and Vivian were both in and it sounds like everyone is having one struggle or another. It also sounds like amazing work is being done despite all this funny moon placement stuff.

I ended up dragging back supplies after realizing there really were a few things being accomplished. I can sit in my arm chair or back porch now and work away if the painkillers are taken on time.

I have had a hard time pulling together a form for full body cocoons. Someone left a huge cylindrical form made of styro at my door and Vivian gave me some amazing pieces of silver and tawny leather scraps from her last big movie gig. Problem solved. Both are perfect for the cocoons. Even found some new cylinders for my mask.

Hilary has done some amazing sampling. I couldn't figure out how some of it was done so there are new mysteries to learn. I teach her ...she teaches me. She is so very tidy though (in comparison to slobbo here) Her palette of verdigris, charcoal, copper and silver are completely delicious.

Tomorrow I attend the ceremony to celebrate Georgine Zeron's life. I was lucky enough to enjoy her , her grand daughter, her daughter, her mother and her sister as my friends. She was one of my appropriated mothers. Georgine was fiercely protective of me. She also used to cook an incredible toffee apple pie! I will miss her forever. Her ashes will be scattered in the Cadomen Pass in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta where she was born. They are saving me some of her cloth. I will probably not wash it, sew it into a doll and just hug it when I miss her.

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