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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Soft and Fluffy?

Over Breeding Stepanie Metz Felted Sculpture
Litter Stephanie Metz Felted Sculpture

Lap dog Stepanie Metz felted sculpture

Mutant Chicken Stephanie Metz Felted sculpture.

Atavist Stephanie Metz Felted Sculpture

Stephanie Metz has managed to use felted objects to tell stories about concerns like genetic modification of livestock. Her mastery of this craft is remarkable and she creates objects that are haunting and and sometimes rather horrifying. I relate to them strongly because of my own body interaction with genetic modification and experimental medical interference.

I ran into the work of Metz while reading the book "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood.
Clearly Metz, like Atwood, was inspired by a similar apprehension of where an unbridled corporate medical curiosity has taken us. Her work "The Atavist" shows a chicken embryo with "alligator teeth" and her headless lamb " Over breeding" belong in a medical cabinet of curiosity.
So much felting has fallen into such a maudlin use. Often it is poorly and impatiently done.
One could drown in the cutesier kitties and puppies that have been produced.
Felting is a delightful medium to use. It becomes a full body experience and is one of the more sensual of textile arts.
Metz has inspired me to play with it again.
Further imagery at www.artbysteph.com

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