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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scary Fabrication

The most extreme and scariest fabrication I have seen in a long time is that Sarah Palin!
Most of us are hockey moms in Canada and we just don't buy what she has to sell.

If these people had their way we would all have pregnant fifteen year old daughters and beer swillin' son in laws. My Great Granny would be appalled. Birth control was illegal in many places less than thirty years ago. Woman couldn't take part in many aspects of life. Gay friends were thrown in jail and depressed women were given shock treatment and lobotomies. Two friends nearly died as sixteen years olds from the effects of back street "doctors". I couldn't get a bank loan without my husband , father or baby brother's signature and I made more money than all of them! I even had to fight to breast feed my own child!

Feminists fought Anita Bryant if I remember right. She was also selling extreme and hardline positions that hurt women. She also used the woman card to hand out some pretty extreme internalized oppression.

I hope people remember that we also have an election in Canada in a few short weeks. We have our own Sarahs to educate and send away. We also have amazing women like Libby Davies to get out and support.

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