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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

Freeman's Alley 1 2008 Abigail Doan Urban Fiber Flotsam project with the Conflux Festival

I am so completely entranced by Abigail Doan's project Urban Fiber Flotsam.
It is so energetic and a remarkable travel journal through time, community and location and spins together flotsam( both cast off and botanical) and urban tales.

She uses photography, journaling, mapping and location to twine together all of this into vines.
Tiny, insignificant objects become meaningful and very moving when collected in such a physically rambling way. Sometimes the process reminds me more of choreography. Abigail , while using her body, becomes the beautiful dancer hunting and gathering through the Bowery.

Her projects in past have shown remarkable planning, imagination and process. They are ethereal in appearance and very grounded in reality. Her farm roots resonate through all of the work I have witnessed since I became aware of her a year or so ago.

Abigail is a mother of twins, the daughter of a spinner and a farmer and lives both in New York City and on an ancient farm in Tuscany with her husband Ludmil. She writes for a number of magazines including Inhabitat and is actively involved in positive ecological projects. She considers herself to be an"art farmer".

The blog is outstanding

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Abigail Doan said...

You are too kind and generous, as always, Patricia. Thank you for following my project and sharing your impressions with others. I hope that your eye surgery went well! My best wishes - Abigail