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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Burnin' Hot

I am up. I made my own food today and got some laundry in. I only used one pain killer.

So I am burnin' new soft sculptures. Joseph Dagsaan made me the patterns and they have worked out perfectly. Each size has eight components and will stitch together easily afer the burning is finished. He reinforced the patterns so they will survive my carelessness. I am going to push it as far as possible before total disintegration. The fabric is reacting beautifully and it doesn't seem to be a straight poly as the labeling said. So now for a series of experiments to see if the cloth burns differently when it is made of twist or wrapped threads, if it is twill or plain weaved and different fibre combinations. Certainly some of the plainest and uninspiring fabrics turn into the most beautiful when tortured under my toys.

Sampling makes me so happy. It is sometimes the research and not the object that is the end result for me. Experimenting kicks my creative juices into overtime.

I am thinking about support structures and how to make them larger. Will have to pursue a degree in micro-biology and engineering to accomplish what I want to do with my work.

Hilary Young is teaching a course with Maiwa soon for those interested in playing with extreme textiles. She is a very good teacher and a studio mate. Textile trained in Scotland.

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arlee said...

You SuhMokin'!!! PICS PLEASE!! Nice to know you're back in action.