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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ready To Go!

All of the preliminaries are done for my eye surgery! I have given vials of blood, been weighed and measured, had blood pressures and EEG's, eyeball curvature measurements and the works.
All indicate I am healthy enough to go through the procedure.So my dear Doc upped the date and I have it all done on September 23 at the crack of dawn! She thinks I will get away with only having one done until we find out how it goes.

I got into a little trouble at the clinic today. My medical curiosity overcame and I pulled the model eyeball of the shelf to poke and prod and see the structure of the eye. It was the size of a softball and needed to be inspected from all angles. I pulled it apart and was thrilled to see the puzzle of the human eye. I was carefully putting it all back together when the eye sprung from my hand, fell to the floor and shattered. Not until it had hit a steel surface and the chair buzzer thingy! I let out a squeal and medical personnel came flying from all directions. The Doctor, looking like a cool version of Katherine Hepburn, looked at me and said,"No touching Doctor's things!" Her staff laughed. I shrivelled until she came in again and gave the full eyeball display and surgery explanation.

The surgery will be like getting a new silicone breast. A cut is made in the eye, the lens has a small suction device inserted until all of the viscous material is removed and a new eye falsie is implanted. The lens is about the size of a small grape and has little tendons and supports that hold it. I will not lose my green eyes which have got me much attention through the years.
I go home that day and am seen the next and one week following and then three weeks following that. I am Canadian so the cost is extremely low. Medicare covers most of the cost and our extended medical plan should cover the rest.

Very tech and modern. I will learn a cyborg wink!

I came home and taught Ryan, my young Death Metal cousin how to do the invisible stitch to repair his favourite "Corpse" t-shirt. He has talent with a needle and thread. Tomorrow he gets to learn how to use the serger.

I can't wait! Back is starting to repair but the Doc wants cancer tests done as a precaution. I think I might not go. It feels like a slipped disk to me! She says I look awful. I never look very good while I have lying down for a week. Does anyone? I am pretty sure I am fine!

I wonder if we will find little biological organisms to eat up the cataracts and cancer in the future. Octavia Butler wrote a book called Lilith's Brood. It was one of my favourites when i was healing. It describes a world with biological healing. I hope our understanding of the botanical and biological become a focus for healing in the future. I would love to be wrapped in a being or plant until repaired.

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arlee said...

Patriborg! You sound in much better spirits and hopeful. Glad for you!