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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blasting Forward

More examples of work I have accomplished today. Again with only three processes. More to come.
Have been very nose to the grindstone.

Claire Kujundzic contacted me yesterday with news about Wells and her latest projects. She has been invited to Spain to speak with a group of scientists about the pine beetle devastation in the Cariboo region. She will also be showing her work which consists of huge paintings of trees with
wounds and the signs of the beetle. The work which is spectacular will be shown in an ancient stone monastery.

She also got me a catalogue for a show from the Prince George Art Gallery that I gave her a little help with when up in Wells. I just helped with some hemming and minor things but it was a thrill to contribute in any way. Her process is all encompassing. It involves space, materials and her body. She researches and experiments endlessly.

Happily I am hearing from Cariboo friends who are coming to my show at the Quesnel Art Gallery at the beginning of June.

The pile of work is building. My excitement has not subsided.

I will talk more about Claire's project next time.

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