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Friday, April 29, 2011


It is time to haul out one of my most important tools. I call her when I need discipline. Normally it is I who must be obeyed. But sometimes my fancy just keeps being caught by shiny objects, dazzling people and naughty thoughts. All this work needs to be done and set up for my show in Quesnel. There are piles of unfinished pieces. Things have to get written and edited and course plans edited and sent.

So I call on my inner "Dominatrix". She is relentless with me and shows no mercy. She allows no diversion. She is very, very strict.

So now I have to submit or I will just have a pile of cloth bits and no show.

"Gift of My Self" made from artist's hair lost during chemotherapy and synthetic hair.
Wrapping cloth is devore silk rayon velvet printed with plants cells and dipped in wild indigo.
5 Feet in length.

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