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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dreams About Texture

Inspiration and textures for today.

Had a dream that for "Inspiration Class" other students had to evaluate the texture of my body.
This happened in a similar way to radiation treatment where they placed me on a lighted table in a simple gown.

Measurements were done and photographs were taken. Over and over again. I wondered about how I was going to survive the flash bulbs. This was not an erotic or a comforting experience.

Each student came and evaluated part of my anatomy and did a rating on the skin texture. One student stopped at the place near my armpit and started to cry. I explained that the texture had changed because they had removed my sentinel node and given me radiation. She wouldn't move on and kept touching the scar.

The other students moved further back.

I complained that the table was cold and I wanted to get off. The "Instructor" explained that it was no longer possible to get off because I made a commitment and that I was Irish and everyone knew what that meant.But I didn't know. I had absolutely no idea.

And then it dawned on me that she was talking about the film "The Commitments".

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