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Monday, April 11, 2011


Well I just spent all day making work that turned out very badly. Like poo!
Call it failure or call it a learning curve. Just can't figure out what I learned for all the effort other than I won't do that again.

Lesley Richmond, my beloved teacher, always warned me to do more than one piece of work together at the same time but have one piece one step behind so you can salvage the work to the point of success. Very good advice but did I listen? Nope...

So hours of melting, forming, shaping, painting eventually all melted from an object of beauty to
a melted pile on the burn tray! Trust me it was a gorgeous shell like being that completely melted in one last enthusiastic belch from the heat gun.

Oh glory.

And I told you that the sewing machine threw a little fit today. I think she just might be tired from all that stitching. Tonight I will give her a good and ferocious scrub down, use the tweezers and pluck any loose threads in her inner workings and use the fancy oil and massage her little parts. It can't be easy stitching goo all day.

Textile work can be completely exhilarating or completely exhausting. I keep having fantasies about doing social work again... if you want to know what kind of day this has turned out to be.

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