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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Constellations and Pools.

Paper and resin study. Constellation of objects. Patricia Chauncey Apr. 2011

Most of us run into lots of people in our lives. Lots become friends for awhile. Some become lovers or mentors. Some we bond to and include in our constellation. Sometimes there are people we are delighted by and just play with now and then. Some we end up angry with for life and avoid.

But once or twice we lose track of a very important friend and just can't remember why. That person who puts a light in your being when you remember. One who influenced you and left you with inspiration and a better life even if you didn't see them again.

The Big Wave in Japan reminded me of a friend like that. He used to love the painting, "Great Wave Off Kanagawa" and played with this imagery. For many years I kept a copy he gave me of it. It just didn't get thrown away. I would run into it by chance and well up with affection. Not regret. No angst. Just a wash of good wishes.

I am lucky in life. I have more than enough in my life in terms of material goods, friendships and love.

But the tsunami in Japan reminded me that there are people you should look for when they are missing to you. Not to rescue them or ask for rescue but to know they exist. That they are safe in the world. So they know that they mattered and still do.

Don't know where the picture is anymore. It will show up again in a box full of tax receipts, old letters, or tucked in a book. Thankfully I found the lovely person. Just looking back from the computer screen like they had never been gone at all.

So just get some balls and reconnect with someone important. Life is too short. Who knows what the tide will bring in?

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