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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My House


Marbles for when I lose mine and for shibori tying
Wishbones for emergency use.
Spousal unit being a complete brat and who is, by the way, far too sick to be demanding attention and distracting me from purpose.
The pantry which Tim fills to bursting. A dedicated foodie. Poor me.
Inspiring stuff on the bookcase in the front hall.
Kitchen sign from an old Vancouver Chinatown restaurant.
Spice shelf to do just that.
My front window with ivy clinging to it allowing me to see the root structure and pretend I live in the forest and not the Inner City. Where I sit, read and do my art when not in the studio at Williams Street.
Living room with some of my trunks and boxes used when needing to be portable.
Glow in the dark bugs. Turn off the light when taking a bath and they illuminate the way.
Bathroom wall shelf holding volcanic rock and two beloved Wendy Berry sculptures

Bedroom hanging first seen when waking up.

Here are some of my favourite places in this little house.
Excuse the unmade bed but if you come into my home or my life you will probably find one somewhere.

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