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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I make wicked chutney. This chutney is spicier and fruitier than any chutney we have ever purchased and it tastes wonderful cooked with almost any protein. The favourite around here is spicy mango chutney. The apple chutney made from my trees is also popular. So I am going to try and start a little orchard in the yard. This means planting a pear, a nut, 2 kiwis and a fig
tree. It should only take ten years or so.

There are whacks of rhubarb in the garden, piles of apples on the tree and an abundance of saskatoon berries on the bush. The blackberries are sparse but should be good next year The peppers, however, are completely depressed from the cold weather and the garlic is slow. The tomatoes aren't looking so well but everything else salad is thriving.

Luis came over tonight to pick up the wine he made with Tim. He has offered his cherries if the bears haven't eaten them all.

I really do revert to farm girl this time of year. I am thinking about defying a city ordinance and getting some hens. There is a possibility of convincing other neighbours to try it too. Maybe there is even a place to hide a beehive.

Now, however, it looks like a skunk has moved under my porch. A mean inner city skunk!

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